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Billions of people across the world consume livestock products. Demand for meat, dairy and leather in developing countries will double over the coming decades. This offers millions of farmers an income and many more a nutritious diet.  We do however recognize that there is an environmental impact to this increasing demand and we seek to mitigate that with our products. Easy monitoring via trough sentry saves water and miles driven by farmers.

Trough Sentry

Real-Time Feedback

The TroughSentry Remote Water Monitor and its close relative, TankSentry, are reliable and robust Internet of Things (IoT) sensor networks that alert a farmer when water volumes in various types of agriculture water storage vessels -  troughs, tanks, ponds - fall outside of a farmer-determined norm (e.g. too little water or too much water).

Driving Efficiency

This IoT innovation is built to compete with and replace the daily, recurring cost (labor and energy consumption) of visual inspections of livestock watering points and irrigation systems that farmers must make to ensure adequate water availability for their herds and crops.

Effective Long Range

 Our sensor networks feature long distance data transmission (>40 km line of sight, and multiples with an incorporated repeater) across vast tracts of land, over hills and ridges, through trees, and more, from places with no access to AC power, Internet, or 3G service. The alert quickly appears on a farmer’s smartphone, tablet, or computer so appropriate action can be taken to address the reported issue.

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