Odyssey Sensors

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food production sector in the world. Global production of farmed fish and shellfish has more than doubled over the past 15 years. Meanwhile, per-capita consumption of fish is 17 kg per year, nearly half of which comes from aquaculture, a sector which employs around 12 million people worldwide.

Salinity Sensor

Increased Productivity

The salinity sensor aids farmers by controlling the salinity levels in their ponds, thereby decreasing the mortality rate of the shrimp.  This increase in production shifts farmers who currently yield 500 kg/acre to upwards of 1000 kg/acre.

User Friendly

Odyssey Sensors’ HealthyShrimp Salinity Sensor is an affordable, robust, solar-powered, electronic instrument. It features an LCD readout display that reports the salinity and water temperature. The HealthyShrimp Salinity Sensor is designed such that its cost to a farmer is recouped from the productivity gains of just one crop cycle.

Environmentally Friendly

Odyssey Sensors prevents farmers from over-salting their ponds.  Farmers currently add too much salt to their ponds; however, this leads to a decrease in production levels and an increase in environmental degradation.  The capability for testing salinity levels is critical to solving this economic and environmental problem.