Odyssey Sensors

Odyssey Sensors is dedicated to delivering affordable sensors for low-income and low-margin farmers.   Our aim is to promote economic and environmental sustainability by delivering advanced sensors to farmers

who need it the most.


Learn how we deliver products that impact change.


Our Design Process

Sustaining People, Planet, and Profits

In order to make a real impact, we develop and deliver products that people want and need.  We promote sustainable livelihoods for people and ecosystems through disruptive design.  Our technology is attractive to producers because of immediate increase in productivity with a large return on investment.  Additionally, the products aid farmers by using their current resources more effectively, thereby decreasing their environmental impact.

Working for the Producer

We support producers in achieving economic, social and ecological sustainability by delivering first class, affordable, environmental monitoring solutions. This enables low margin and low income producers to build capacity and earn higher prices for their goods while also highlighting the importance of landscape maintenance in preserving the environment we all share on the local and global level.  Our products are all developed after listening to farmers describe challenges they face on a routine basis.


Our team has more than 30 years of experience working with social enterprises, with a special focus in South Asia. Nowadays sustainability is on the global agenda for large scale corporations, which often times purchase produce from small scale farmers in developing countries.  The expectation is that small scale low income farmers produce their products in a sustainable manner, yet they do not have the resources to achieve that goal.  Odyssey Sensors bridges that gap by providing affordable resources which increase farmers' economic and environmental sustainability.


To learn more about our impact in 2014, click here to download our annual report.







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